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Update 2016

Here a short update about our current work:

TFM: Right now we plan to work on a new case with TFM: Hacienda Dos Hermanos in Manapla. We visited the Area last November- together with Terry from TFM. Half of the hacienda already got redistributed and some of the farmers are Cloa holder but the owner of the hacienda shut off the only road to the plantation and requires that all motorized carts to pay a fee of 1500 PHP -this also applies to tricycles and Emergency Vehicles.We need to figure out now, if the road is private property or public area –which would make the blockade illegal.The DAR had agreed to make this survey in early December – until now nothing happened.On January 30th we will go to the Board Meeting of TFMand ask for updates on the current situation.

BANFFO: On January 14th we visited La Carlota to attend the hearing. It did not take place- when we inquired the reason, we were told by the lawyer of BANFFO that they decided for a settlement with the landowner.The terms of an agreement might include a certain amount of money, a percentage of the land of the Hacienda and to drop all court cases against BANFFO. This decision is not final yet. If they decide for this agreement, BANFFO will stop their CARP Request.On the 27th there will be a meeting with the USEC from the DAR, the lawyerOf BANFFO and the Administration of the Hacienda, where theyDiscuss this future agreement.

PM: We will meet PM this week and discuss our future strategy on the murder case of Panggo. The prosecutor just dismissed the case due to a lack of evidence. Furthermore we want to inquirer the current status.


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