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Commemorating Rolando Panggo – Assassinated Human Rights Defender

Today we remember the birthday of Rolando Panggo, a human rights defender, who was allegedly murdered on November 29th, 2014.

Mr. Panggo worked as a community organizer for PM (Partido Manggagawa), a labor party dedicated to support farmers in their struggle to obtain their rights regarding agrarian and labor disputes.

Rolando `Lando` Panggo was assigned to support the Hacienda Salud Farm Workers Association (HASAFAWA) in 2013. During his work there, he was harassed, threatened and several suspects   attempted to bribe him and his family. Despite these obstacles he continued his work and struggle.

At around 6:30pm on November 29, Mr. Panggo was killed by gunshot when returning from a meeting in Isabela, Negros Occidental. His cousin witnessed the assassination, but could not identify the three perpetrators as his head was pressed to the ground during the killing. However, he heard the perpetrators say „you’re a nuisance, you’re interfering even with the landholdings“. Mr. Panggo’s death leaves behind his wife and seven children.

Mr. Panggo´s assassination was motivated to stop his human rights activism and his involvement with the HASAFAWA farmers and their struggle. His case is still being processed and we hope that justice will be served and those responsible will be held accountable for their crimes.


Our condolences go out to the family and friends and we hope to see the work he started to be continued in the future.


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Citra Mina

Human Rights Observation in Mindanao, Philippines

Am 25. Februar konnten die 43 philippinischen Fischer, die in Indonesien wegen illegalem Fischfang für sechs Monate inhaftiert waren, endlich wieder in ihre Heimatstadt General Santos auf Mindanao zurückkehren.

Ihr Fischerboot,  die Love Merben II, war ohne Fischfangerlaubnis und die Fischer ohne Ausweispapiere über die indonesische Seegrenze gefahren und wurde von der indonesischen Küstenwache gefasst. Die 43 Fischer wurden auf Ternate Island inhaftiert. Ihre Freilassung wurde durch die Bemühungen von SENTRO, der globalen Gewerkschaft IUF und dem Department for Foreign Affairs (DFA) erwirkt.

Herbert Demos, SENTRO Mitarbeiter und Mitglied des Rescue Teams berichtet über die Verhältnisse unter denen die philippinischen Fischer in Indonesien festgehalten wurden: “I am poor, and was raised in poverty, but I cannot eat what our compatriots were eating in Ternate. The rice they ate had more rice weevils (lice) than rice grains, but they had no choice. I learned that sometimes they quarreled over food…

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